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  • Specialist environmental clearance services
  • Recycling redundant office furniture
  • Secure IT equipment recycling
  • Supporting your Duty of Care obligations
  • A detailed corporate environmental policy
  • GDPR Compliant
  • ISO14001 Accredited

Recycling Services

At Consolidated we offer to recycle redundant office furniture and IT equipment during your relocation with our expert and professional office clearing services. Our specialist environmental clearance services ensuring disposal of all waste is handled in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. A full waste audit will be undertaken during the move planning process to identify optimal approach to minimise waste and recycle/re-use where possible supporting your Duty of Care obligations, in the process of your office furniture clearance.

Consolidated services have a detailed corporate environmental policy with is adhered to through our service process. This policy sets out to seek practical means of characterising, quantifying and monitoring all aspects of its impact on the environment. Such impacts include emissions to air, discharges to water, disposal of solid and other wastes, use of land, water, fuels, energy and other natural resources, and discharges of thermal energy, noise, odour, dust, vibration and visual impact. Consolidated will strive to ensure that it meets all legal and other regulatory requirements and codes of practice, including relevant consents, permits, and authorisations from regulators and local authority.