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  • Disconnection / Reconnection and relocation of IT desktop services
  • A dedicated team of IT and Data Technicians
  • Trained to install CAT5E and CAT6
  • Extensive knowledge of LANs, Hubs, Switches, Patching, Moves, Swaps and Changes
  • Fully versed in the installation of PCs, Laptops and General Tasks, Programmes, and Applications
  • Dedicated Account Managers

IT & Data Services

Consolidated realise that the success of any move often relies on the technical support available for the relocation of information and communication technology. Our team of Data and IT technicians are competent to undertake both the design and installation of Hubs, Switches and Patching and full fault diagnostics on Data and Fibre Test Equipment. The installation of PC’s, Laptops and General Tasks, Programmes and Applications is part of the service we offer.

Our team of Voice and Data technicians are trained to install CAT5E and CAT6 Structured Cabling Systems, Single Mode Fibre, Test Procedures and have knowledge of Telecoms Switches, Lans, Hubs and Switches, Patching, Moves, Swaps, and Changes.