AI company DeepMind opening new London office in 2020.

The Google-owned artificial intelligence company, DeepMind is opening a new London office in 2020. As a British AI company with research centres in Canada, France and the United States, the move to have their HQ in the capital is warmly welcomed. An exact date is yet to be confirmed, however the company are hoping the site will be operational in the first half of next year.

CEO and co-founder of DeepMind, Demis Hassabis said about the move “I’m delighted to confirm DeepMind is developing a new building in the Kings Cross area. I want this building to help foster energy, contemplation and collaboration – ingredients required for pioneering scientific research. This plan has been in the works for many years now and it has been amazing to see the designs come to life.”

Plans to move to the new 11-storey flagship building were set in 2015, not long after Alphabet acquired the company. Prior to this, DeepMind were under increasing pressure to move to Silicon Valley to join their new parent company, Google, but the founders manage to secure the companies position in London. With access to untapped pools of talent from London, Oxford and Cambridge, the decision to stay in the capital was definitely a smart one!

Noting the multidisciplinary approach used in the DeepMind workforce, Demis Hassabis stated “we’ve tried to create an environment that will enable cutting-edge research and inspire collaborative working”.

There is no doubt that the presence of DeepMind in their new London office will strengthen the reputation of the King’s Cross area as London’s flourishing ‘knowledge quarter’. London & Partners’ Chief Executive Laura Citron explained ‘DeepMind is a true London success story. This world-leading AI team has stuck closely and passionately to its London roots, understanding and utilising the talent, innovation, creative energy and knowledge that sits on its doorstep. This new announcement not only shows DeepMind’s ongoing commitment to London, but also represents a new era for this remarkable organisation as they take things to the next level.’

What can we expect in the new London office?

The 371,000 sq feet building at 6 Pancras Square is a big space to fill. But with Google at the helm, you can be sure it’s being filled with style.

Expect £5,500 Metronap sleep pods, private spherical cocoons marketed as “the world’s first chair designed for napping in the workplace”, a double helix staircase, a lecture theatre, a library and a roof garden!

As always, food and drink in the cafes and canteens is complimentary for employees. But they’ve even thought about the infamous “Google stone” (the weight staff put on as a result of the free food), and have included a gym surrounded by a 90-metre running track, with massages available afterwards.

It’s not all fun and games though, with many exciting opportunities for new skill learning being offered. “Learn and cook” classes will be held in a high spec kitchen under Chef Dan Batten, who is renowned for running Jamie Oliver’s former Recipease shop, cafe and cooking school in Notting Hill. Cookers will be given the opportunity to learn everything from butchery to fine dining skills.

Communal areas are being decorated in muted colours and feature Swiss furniture which will be keeping everyone comfortable.

It’s the least we could expect from a Google owned company!

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