Co-working Vs Pro-Working

New trends crop up continuously, and one we are hearing all too often in 2019 is pro-working office space. Many providers describe the workspaces as revolutionary reforms and deem they offer a new office experience like no other before it. However, based on the core principles of co-working, can pro-working have evolved enough to be the future of all office space? This article discusses the differences between co-working and pro-working offices.


What is a co-working office space?


Co-working spaces have been popping up all over London in recent years and is a pretty familiar concept in the workspace sector. This office model is primarily known for hosting self-employed individuals and start-ups. Co-working communities are typically for the benefit of sharing equipment, ideas and knowledge.

The spaces usually allows tenants access to meeting rooms, communal areas and restaurants. Co-workers may also attend events within the building, join gym sessions, have a swim or a massage and some co-working facilities even allow for a quick snooze; what could be better?

What is a pro-working office space?


Pro-working office space is an evolved model of co-working space with the added element of five star hotel hospitality. Providers of pro-working spaces aim to propel serviced offices by offering high end services such as business lounges, concierge service and a formal environment filled with accommodating staff with hospitality backgrounds. The ultimate aim of pro-working spaces is to facilitate the creation of communities and networking between professionals.

What is the need for pro-working space?


One of the main differences between the two office space models is the clientele. Co-working has been better suited to trendy entrepreneurs and start-ups looking for creative funky spaces that match their image. Pro-working, on the other hand, has been more popular with established professionals. Professionals were looking for the latest technology and formal spaces that fit their identify and therefore pro-working was a must.

Which office space is better?


Whilst there is no answer as to which office space is better; there will be a better option for an individual and for a business depending on needs. Although pro-working has been popular in 2018 and 2019 there is still much interest and growth in co-working. In fact, by 2022 the trend is predicted to grow by almost 43% and by 2023 could represent as much as 18% of office space in the UK.

Where can I find co-working and pro-working spaces in London?


These new breeds of working spaces are popping up all over, we’ve picked a few from a mix of locations around London.

East London’s Soho Works is the co-working extension of Soho house. This space was created for people that want to get their head down but also want to enjoy the luxury feel and design of the members club (Soho house).

Also in East London, Fora (plural of ‘forum’) offers a pro-working space, complete with concierge service, a vast array of food and beverage options and even personal trainers.

Moving across to West London, The AllBright is an all female co-working and pro-working space. The versatile building floors and locations offer benefits for both the creative and professional woman. Membership offers many events and workshops to aid female entrepreneurs in networking and business development.


pro-working space


West London also has Markerversity at Somerset House, ideal for designers, makers and start-ups. This co-working space provides access to all the creative tools you could imagine.



North London has the De Beauvoir Block to offer, situated in Hackney. This space looks like it’s fallen from a Pinterest or Instagram page. The pastel walls and abundance of plants reflect the relaxed and calm environment of this co-working space. De Beauvoir Block offers a downstairs boardroom for members and a cafe stocked with rose gold teapots and crockery.



Unless you’re allergic to dogs, you’ll love South London’s unique, easy going, pet friendly co-working space, WeWork. This communal penthouse has beautiful views of the Thames and provides co-workers with bicycle storage, showers and a homely, relaxed environment.


co-working space at WeWork


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