The Perfect Office Space for Millennials

One size does not fit all when it comes to office space, each company needs to figure out what works for them. The best way to determine what’s best for you is to ask your employees. We have found lots of commonalities when asking millennials what they consider to be the perfect office space, so if you want to attract that millennial talent, read on.

What is a millennial?

Millennials, aka Gen Y, are usually categorised as those who are born between the early 1980s to the mid, late 1990s. There is no definitive time frame for millennial births, however, 1981- 1996 is widely accepted. This group of people were named millennials as older generations realised that they would be the first graduating class of 2000; the new millennium.

What does the perfect office space look like to a millennial?

Be Flexible

Millennials are all about work/life balance, they want flexibility in their workspace! Millennials are happy to up their productivity and work harder if you give them the freedom to do so. Open the office early for those who want to get in early and leave early, or vice versa with leaving later. The 9-5 is lost on the younger generations and we’ll just have to get used to it. Giving millennials the opportunity to work from home is a great move too. They will produce the quality of work as long as you give them the space and flexibility to fit the schedule around their own lives.

Be Open

Open offices facilitate open exchange for creativity and productivity. They seem to be a favourite for millennials. However, there is a proportion who feel an open office is too distracting, noisy and bares pressure to socialise. Perhaps a combination of open and private working spaces would be beneficial, this way employees could have a choice. Choice for millennials will go a long way and may sway their decision to choose your company over another.

Get Techy

What does every millennial love? Technology! One of the best ways to satisfy millennials is to fill your office space with all the latest gadgets and equipment. Make sure to keep upgrading these too! High tech offices report higher levels of job satisfaction and employee retention. Check out the tech below, what millennial wouldn’t go crazy for a coffee machine that’s being run via iPad?

Office Perks

Millennials know what they want when they apply for jobs! Filling the office with perks is a must to attract and retain top talent. Kitchens, gyms, showers, free parking, snacks, bring your dog to work days are all ways to increase satisfaction in the office. Creating a culture of perks and a straighter line between home and work is sure to attract those millennials. Providing training programmes or access to online courses can also be attractive to millennials as they value personal development highly.

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