Creating a Mindful Space for World Mental Health Day 2019

This #WorldMentalHealthDay Consolidated Services is proud to reveal a recently completed project which focuses on creating a mindful space for employees.

Workplace and Mental Health

A lively, thriving office space does pose its perks.

Not only does it look great to visitors as it gives the impression of high productivity levels, but it can encourage conversation between co-workers.

Open plan workspaces do have their advantages, however, unless there are quiet spaces available, it has been known for morale and productivity to suffer as a result.

Within the workplace everyone deserves a little bit of distraction-free time throughout their working day. Here is how one of our clients has introduced a quiet space into the working environment with a little help from Consolidated.

The Project

Consolidated’s FF&E services were enlisted to create a mindful space for our client in which their employees could to go relax, recharge and meditate throughout the working day. We were honoured to take on this project, as we strongly admire the company’s efforts in encouraging their staff to take time out of their busy 9-5 to focus on themselves and their wellbeing.

Prior to the project, our team undertook some research on how to create the perfect, tranquil environment to promote positive wellbeing. Consolidated know all about valuing the mental health of our employees, so we wanted to ensure we could offer the same to our client and their employees.

We were challenged with a limited budget for this project, but our creative and talented team were able to value engineer the assignment to ensure the project could be completed to the allocated budget. Additional challenges lay in the project timescale.

With a majority of items on a 6 week lead time, we had to maximise every moment to get the space finished and ready to be opened on Mental Health Awareness Day 2019.

We’re thrilled with how the project came together. By successfully adhering to the theme of relaxation and incorporating natural materials, neutral colours, dim lighting and natural smells, we’ve been able to create a safe space for employees to reset, recharge and relax.

Is a quiet space much needed in your office? Call Consolidated Services today to see how we can help 01708 384466.

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